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About us

At 91Life we seek to create tools and applications that empower physicians and scientists to make highly accurate decisions in real-time based on collective intelligence from big data. We are data scientists with our roots deeply founded in the science of data analytics and we founded 91 on the aspiration to catalyze healthcare transformation into AI-fueled, personalized patient care.

Our ambition is to empower physicians with data science and technology  in order to achieve highly accurate and precise medical conclusions – creating the foundation for digital healthcare. Our initial vertical is in digital cardiology, with a focus on electrophysiology and real-time monitoring of cardiac patients.

Our values

91Life value proposition

Clinic & Patient perspective

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A cloud-native, AI-infused, big-data driven platform automating in-clinic and remote monitoring of CIEDs, AECGS, CHF devices, and wearables.

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Exceptional Cardiac Clinic Management

With our first application Heart+  we deliver on the promise of Exceptional Cardiac Clinic Management

State-of-the-art technology that optimizes financial, clinical, and educational aspects of a cardiac rhythm management clinic

Highly configurable platform synthesizes multi-dimensional information based on clinical significance and physician preferences

User-friendly, easily integratable, and effortlessly configurable, significantly reducing time to conclusions and information processing

Visual representation of information with novel analytics and graphics, adjusting to user and patient idiosyncrasies in an agile framework

Augmented intelligence with physician feedback to establish best-in-class principles for holistic patient care; collaboration in AI research

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Andra is built on models and algorithms that evolve on reinforced learning with human feedback, creating actionable intelligence and predictive analytics on personalized patient basis - as a catalyst for Precision Medicine.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine Aspirations Are to Combine All Of The factors That Are Within Reach Today:

  • Big Data
  • Science & AI
  • Precision Medicine
  • Technology

High tech and AI synthesizes information from big data and should allow physicians to focus on patient care with precision but instead, sadly, healthcare has fallen 15-20 years behind others.
From 1975 to 2010, U.S. physicians number grew 150%, roughly proportional to population growth, whereas the number of healthcare administrators increased 3200%, while data has multiplied exponentially.

Meet our team

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.” – Albert Einstein

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