See patients in a new light

Improve clinical outcomes through radically improved analysis, integration, and research

Accelerate Patient Care

Combine AI with cloud-native technologies for real-time insights and conclusions

Embrace Precision Medicine

Gain intelligence from big data to support triage, diagnosis, and disease prevention


A cloud-native, AI-infused, big-data driven platform automating in-clinic and remote monitoring of CIEDs, AECGS, CHF devices, and wearables.

“The greatest scientists are artists as well.” – Albert Einstein
91Life aspires to advance the transformation into digital health by combining state-of-the-art software technology with modern mathematical models of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
We aim to enhance patients’ life quality and increase expectancy beyond 91 years.

Andra - augmented intelligence from big data

Andra is built on models and algorithms that evolve on reinforced learning with human feedback, creating actionable intelligence and predictive analytics on personalized patient basis - as a catalyst for Precision Medicine.

In collaboration with

The client's perspective

“The 91Life partnership has allowed us to take our extensive remote monitoring knowledge and transform it into a cloud based software powerhouse, allowing us to better monitor our clinics’ patients and dramatically increase our staff’s productivity.”

Lauren Maccioli
Executive Director at Ambucor Health Solutions

“91Life is the best medical technology vendor of all time, period!”

Yale New Haven Health System

“The ability to see and process thousands of patients with Heart+ is really seamless”

Dr. Gregory Cogurt, MD, FACC,
FHRSSansum Clinic

“Heart+ enables a more rapid yet superior management of incoming medical informationto ensure high level actionable data is rapidly seen and addressed”

An NYC Health System Supervisor

Core Team

Eleonora Gashi, DO, MPhil, FACC

Co-Founder | Medical Director

Bleron Baraliu

CEO | Head of Theoretical Division

Hortense Gimonet

Director | Data Science

Michael Iversen

Chief Commercial Officer

Fjona Parllaku

Data Science Analyst

Rex Kqiku

Head of Technology

Key Advisors

Dr. Andrea Natale

Chief of Medical Advisory Board

Raphael Douady

Chief Science Advisor

Clifford Lewis

Chairman of the Board

Jean Safar

Chief Technical Advisor

News & Activities

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12 E 49th, 17th floor, New York, NY 10017

+1 917 300 1383


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